The ULC Reading Program

Since literacy is a basic skill that provides the foundation for so much learning, it is at the very center of our program. We believe that improving a child’s reading is one of the most effective way to improve academic performance, and therefore an excellent place to focus.

Our reading program is built around Lexia Reading and Reading Plus, unique and powerful software tools that provide individualized instruction for each student. By analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, it tailors each lesson to suit their individual needs. Since they don’t waste time going over things they understand right away, some students can advance rapidly. On the other hand, students who need to focus on a certain topic are allowed to do exactly that, achieving mastery before moving on.

Students can access their reading program at any time, from any internet-connected computer. Once logged in they pick up where they left off and can continue to work and make progress between ULC sessions.

The educational power of the software is magnified by the presence of a credentialed teacher at every ULC session, who monitors and works with students to make sure they are getting the most out of the tools provided to them.