Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is the United Learning Center

A: The United Learning Center (ULC) is a tutoring program run by the United Way of Santa Barbara County. ULC combines cutting edge technology with the support of a credentialed teacher to provide individualized instruction in reading and math to K-12 students.

Q: How does the ULC use technology?

A: In both our reading and math programs, we use software that provides individualized instruction for each student. This allows each student to advance at their own pace, and ensures that they don’t move forward until they have mastered the lesson.

Q: Why do you charge less than other tutoring services?

A: United Learning Center is a program of United Way of Santa Barbara County—a nonprofit organization. Since we are not concerned with making a profit, we are able to offer our services at 20 to 25% less than most commercial tutoring services.

Q: Will my child receive individual attention?

A: All United Learning Center sessions are led by a credentialed teacher, with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of four-to-one. In addition, a customized learning plan is created for each student after a detailed initial assessment, assuring proper attention to every child’s individual needs.